Sound Of Hope

Wherever you turn there is violence and despair all around the world where does one go when there is a need to find Hope?

Like the air we breathe Music is all around us. As a society wherever we go there is music that resonates with us on a personal level. As a part of society we identify with certain styles, genres and types of music. Ultimately our choice of music defines our personality traits and can affect our life choices.

Music lyrics are said to create the foundation in which is wrapped in a set of unique sounds and melodies that catch our attention and before you know it we have resonated to the beat of a new song. The influence will captivate your thinking. Music also, is an expression of our daily life and choices. Music is a marker of time and experience. Have you ever recalled a moment in time by a song you heard during the actual experience?

When we look at the world out of the eyes of those who experienced the 1950’s we viewed fun filled times at the soda pop shop all harmless and full of vibrant sounds that made you want to dance. The innocence of being a teen in love. Where did those moments disappear to? There were not as many social issues related to violence sexual or vulgar out bursts as you see today in fact today they are embraced on TV, movies, music video games and other forms of entertainment. Our children are exposed to and may not understand or be ready for. And music is that superpower that makes a difference.

Music is so powerful so supernatural like a magic wand your words spoken in lyric form produces the outcome of the song and how it will resonate to its listening audience.

When you look at music today you see and heat lyric filled songs about sex vulgar language, violence wrapped in an uplifting beat being embraced by society. Is there no wonder that humanity is lost? Creating a need for ‘hope’ that has been forgotten lost and overridden with sadness and gloom.

Parents and leaders are all at a loss and we as a society continue to fall through the pitfalls of society.

Now more than ever ‘hope’ is needed to clean up the mess of the fast paced marketers whose only interest is monetary.

In an effort to bring ‘hope’ to society I have offered it in a demonstration in what music can do. ‘We Are Hope’ is a song I wrote and was recorded by the late legendary Ray Charles daughter Sheila Ray Charles. Together we stand up for change. To be the voice of change sometimes we as humans find that we have to fight fire with fire and music is a language we all resonate to.

Our goal is through music that we can rekindle the ‘hope’ in each and every heart to find their own strength to make a difference in their own lives as well as the lives of others.

The song ‘We Are Hope’ was written by International Award Winning Songwriter Milliea Taylor McKinney and was recorded by Award winning songstress Sheila Raye Charles together they work to plant seeds of hope through music and through the work they do to help others using the word of God as the resource in which to’ do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.

The message is plain and simply where there is life there is ‘hope’ through kindness and brotherly love we save our own lives and the lives of future generations. It only makes sense that if you have the answer to a problem you apply it generously with the act of love, faith & ‘hope’.

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Milliea aka Mia Taylor McKinney

Milliea Taylor McKinney, is an International Award winning songwriter her accomplishments range from her contributions as a successful songwriter & author